Share a Pair

Share-A-Pair, a project to get shoes to Armenia’s children, needs your help!

When we lived in Armenia, and in later visits, we saw the difficult conditions orphan and extremely poor children live in. We decided to dedicate our time and effort to helping Armenia’s children by trying to fill the important need for shoes. While having one extra pair of shoes for us here in the U.S. doesn’t mean much, a pair of new shoes for an orphan or a very poor child in Armenia is very valued. Please consider helping us help these children.

Armenia is a developing country that is struggling economically. More than 1,200 Orphans live in 15 orphanages throughout Armenia. While these facilities provide for the children’s basic needs, they cannot keep up with the ongoing needs for shoes for all the children. In addition, several orphanages house children with disabilities, who walk with difficulty and wear through shoes very quickly. 

The goal of raising $10,000, which will provide more than 1,000 quality shoes for children, will hopefully be reached with the help of friends and supporters around the country. Soon after Share-a-Pair, a project of The Paros Foundation, started formally, chapters in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Detroit, Michigan joined the effort in Los Angeles and the South Bay area. We hope to reach our goal and deliver these shoes to both children in the orphanages and other children in need in the summer of 2011.

Share-a-pair is able to purchase one quality pair of shoes for $10. Donations are welcomed in any amount. 100% of the proceeds will be spent buying new shoes. Donations of new practical shoes in all sizes are also appreciated and welcomed. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

Thank you,
Kristen Abajian Bridget Abajian

share a pair has people organizing efforts around the country! Feel free to contact a representative in your area to help!
West Los Angeles, CA Kristen Abajian
  Bridget Abajian
Redondo Beach, CA / south bay area
Sofia Dilsizian
Dahlia Kizirian
Chattanooga, TN Emily Barsoumian
Detroit, MI Lisa Abajian Sansone

Our Sponsors
Thank you to the following 2011 and 2012 sponsors for their support of this project:

Francois & Suzy Antounian; CA, USA
The Laskowski Family; MI, USA
Mrs. Virginia Behler; MI, USA
Mia Dalbis; MI, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Norian; CA, USA
Ms. Arsineh Kizirian; CA, USA
Ms. Laura Jacobson; MI, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Kroha; CA, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Ara Barsoumian; CA, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Richard O'Reilly; MA, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Vasken Kalaydjian; CA, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Halebian; NJ, USA
Ms. Ani Shabazian; CA, USA
Mr. & Dr. Dan Carsen; AL, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Hapet Garabed; CA, USA
Ms. Lily Ring-Balian; CA, USA
Mr. & Dr. Peter Abajian; CA, USA
Mrs. Gladys Saroyan; CA, USA
Miss. Emily Barsoumian; CA, USA
Vahe Gyulnazaryan; CA, USA
Ara Soghomonian; CA, USA
Michael Hollis; CA, USA
William Dodd; CA, USA
Harout Diramerian; CA, USA

Rod Shahinian; CA, USA Mr. & Mrs.
Ohannes Yacoubian; TN, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Garbis Hagobian; NY, USA
Sevak Alexandri; CA, USA
Drs. Robert Pigeon; CA, USA
Yasmine Tateossian; London, England
Nourig Inc; CA, USA
Deacon & Mrs. Mathew Ash; Armenia
Joyce Sahyouni; CA, USA
Dr. & Mrs. Steve Boskovich; CA, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Jilber Altinok; MI, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Goshtigian; CA, USA
Mr. Arthur Kashian; WI, USA
Diane Shannon; CA, USA
Mr. Mesrope Kaishian; WI, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kaishian; WI, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Kizirian; CA, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Shanoian; CA, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Bearj Barsoumian; CA, USA
Miss. Sofia Dilsizian; CA, USA
Miss. Nicole Sarkissian; MI, USA
Miss Dahlia Kizirian; CA, USA
Miss Vanna Kizirian; CA, USA
Beverly Heels Shoes; CA, USA
April 29, 2012
4-year-old White Lake girl's birthday wish- To send boots to orphans in Armenia (VIDEO) -
Highslide JS Sept. 15, 2011
Share-a-Pair distributes 500 pairs of shoes to Armenia kids.
Armenian Reporter
Highslide JS Sept. 10, 2011
Share-a-Pair Successfully Completes Distribution of Shoes in Armenia.
Masis weekly
Highslide JS Sept. 6, 2011
Share a Pair delivered 500 pare shoes to orphanages in Armenia.
Sept 2, 2011
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Press release
Dilsizian donates shoes to orphans in Armenia through Shair a Pair organization
Published: High Tide, March 3, 2011
Beverly Hills Weekly, Issue 592,
Feb 3, 2011
Three LA girls launch Armenia shoe drive
Published: Tuesday January 25, 2011


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