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May 2014
Paros Foundation Releases 2013 Annual Report
April 24,2014
UPDATE: Paros Foundation's 100 For 100 Projects For Prosperity
March 10, 2014
Paros 100 for 100 - Sisian Art School Students Benefit From New Kilns
February 2014
SERVICE-Armenia 2014
Feb. 12, 2014
Paros 100 for 100 - An Article by "The Armenian Mirror-Spectator": Bay Area Paros Committee Holds Benefit for Kurtan Village Medical Venter
Latest 100 for 100 Project Updates
Newly Added Projects:
Go Art Therapy for Kids with Cerebral Palsy
Go Hatsik School Gym Rebuild
Go Berkaber Seedling Greenhouse

Projects in Progress:
GoGhoghanj: Project Tech Support
Go Kharpert Home for Special Children Excursion 5, 2014
Go Adopt A Classroom, 6-10

Latest Completed Projects:
Go Medical Center in Kurtan
Go Kharpert Home for Special Children Excursion 4, 2014
Go Orphaned Children Day Excursion 3, 2014

Service Armenia 2014, June 23 to july 24
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