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January 14, 2015
Paros 100 for 100: Applications For Service Armenia 2015 Now Available
December 17, 2014
Paros 100 for 100: Second Ghoghanj Children's Center opens in Nor Nork
October 27, 2014
Paros Foundation's 100 for 100 Projects for Prosperity
October 2014
Paros 100 for 100: A Safe Haven for Border Village Children
Septeber 2014
Paros 100 for 100: Summer Excursions for Disadvantaged Children
Latest 100 for 100 Project Updates
Go Purchase a Home I (In Progress Jan.)
Go Healthy Teeth 2015 (Newly added Jan.)
Go Scholarship for a Sustainable Future (Mariam) (Newly added Dec.)
Go A Sustainable Future for Orphanage Girls (Anna) (in Progress Dec.)
Go Scholarship for a Sustainable Future (Naira) (in Progress Dec.)
Go Art Therapy for Kids with Cerebral Palsy (Completed Nov.)
Go Helping to Distribute Humanitarian Aid (in Progress Nov.)
Go Taron II-Kindergarten #40 Renovation (in Progress Nov.)
Go Medical Center in Yervandashat (in Progress Nov.)
Go Orphaned Children Day Excursion 5, 2014 (in Progress Nov.)
Go Terchoonian Home Restoration
(Newly added Oct.)
Go Center for At-Risk Kids (Completed Oct.)

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